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More about the ALOMC Programme

Expressions of interest are sought from protection testing and commissioning service companies that would be interested in involvement in an extensive programme of relay setting changes, starting in Quarter 2 of 2019, affecting nearly all generation connected to the distribution networks in Great Britain.

The electricity network licensees, i.e. National Grid and the Distribution Network Operators, have been working on a programme of desensitising loss of mains protection on generation installations in the 5 to 50MW size range over the past four years.  This work has now been completed.

It is expected that starting around the second quarter of 2019 the requirements will change such that all other generation connected to distribution networks will also need to have its loss of mains protection desensitised.  The exact arrangements for undertaking this work, which will affect potentially thousands of smaller generation installations, have yet to be finalised.  The maximum population size that might be involved in this programme is of the order of 50 000 sites.

Recognising that there will be a significant workload in changing protection settings, and even in some cases changing relays, the network licensees are looking to establish a database of contractors who have the experience and competence to undertake the work. 

A key requirement is full familiarity with the range of loss of mains equipment in use in Great Britain, and appropriate experience and expertise in the software and other techniques used to set up and control loss of mains protection.

The network licensees are not responsible for undertaking work for generator owners, and there would be no contractual relationship between network licensees and any consultant/contractor. However, in order help generation owners achieve the new requirements it would be useful to have an indication of consultants and contractors who might wish to be tender to generation owners for the work implied by the programme.  The network licensees expect the programme to run for three years. If you require to view the complete plan as laid out by the ENO/Grid please view this link.

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